Our Christmas Trees

Here, at Cedar Ridge Tree Farm, we invite you to explore our scenic fields, take in the refreshing aromas and find the perfect tree to cut down for yourself! Each Christmas tree species is unique. Descriptions and photos below will help you find the tree that best suits your family's needs!

All of our trees available are grown fresh on the farm which you can choose and cut. The Frazier Fir will be pre-cut and freshly delivered weekly to our farm from North Carolina. Regardless of the tree you choose, we will shake, bale, load and securely fasten your tree to your vehicle. Like always, we are honored to be a part of your farm fresh Christmas tradition. Happy tree Hunting!

Lexington, SC Deodar Cedar

Deodar Cedar

The Deodar Cedar grows like a fir with layered branches and short needles. Demand is higher for it as a ball and burlap ornamental.

Lexington, SC Virginia Pine

Virginia Pine

The Virginia Pine was the staple of the Southern Christmas tree industry for over 30 years. It is still popular because of its strong branches and good needle retention. The Virginia Pine has an amazing pine scent and is an excellent choice for any family Christmas!

Lexington, SC White Pine

White Pine

The White Pine has softer, longer needles than Virginia pine. It is a beautiful full tree with soft limbs. It's not the best for heavy ornaments but very beautiful when decorated. It has green foliage with just a touch of blue, good needle retention and and wonderful pine scent.

Lexington, SC Carolina Sapphire

Carolina Sapphire

The Carolina Sapphire looks like a Cedar tree but is bluer and gentle to the touch. It has a great aroma. Its' very important to keep water to it and is best cut later in the season, but some buy it Thanksgiving weekend with success.

Lexington, SC Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern Red Cedar is the traditional Southern Christmas tree. It has an amazing scent. Its foliage can be prickly to the touch. The needle retention is moderate, and its best when cut later in the season.

Lexington, SC Leland Cypress

Leland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is the longest lasting Christmas tree. If kept in water, Leyland Cypress will last a couple of months with virtually no shedding. A full, eight foot Leyland can drink up to two gallons of water per day for the first several days after being cut. It has a beautiful green color. The limbs are too soft for heavy ornaments, but it has unsurpassed needle retention.

Lexington, SC Frazier Fur

Frazier Fir

The Frazier Fir has strong branches and is the most popular tree in the East. They have an amazing aroma that exudes the Christmas spirit. The branches are nicely layered, perfect for ornament placements  The Frazier Fir has great needle retention but some shedding is to be expected.